Google Restrict Huawei

Google Restricts Huawei From Using Android

US Government in Loggerheads with the Huawei – Chinese Giant phone maker

 In the past few months the US Government has been in loggerheads with Huawei phone maker for what is believed to be the company allowing the Chinese Government to use its devise to spy the US Government.

Huawei’s fate on Android accessibly

Google the world’s tech giant resolved to block Huawei from accessing Google services and proprietary apps. In a statement to news agencies on Sunday 19th May 2019 by Google it said “We are complying with the order and reviewing the implications “.  Huawei will be able to use the public version of Android.

Cutting off access to Android may damage Huawei’s multinational cell phone business. Its one of the world’s 3 largest phone makers and has an especially large share of its activities in developing countries.

Google Restricts Huawei On Android on Huawei New Devices

It is still not clear which other Google Apps will be affected besides Gmail, Play Store and Newer version of Android Versions.

However Google Play protect will continue to function on existing Huawei devices.

US and Concerns on Huawei’s 5G Network

The Trump administrations worry about the availability and security of Huawei’s 5G network technology and has accused the company of potentially enabling the Chinese government to use the equipment for spying.

Why Huawei’s CFO Arrest

The Us has also sought Huawei’s CFO, “The Owner’s daughter” who was arrested in Canada. The moves drags Otawwa into a three way diplomatic tussle involving Beijing and Washington.

Huawei’s CFO was arrested due to fraud linked to alleged violation of the iran sanctions, she denied the charges and she is under house arrest in Canada and faces extradition to the USA.

US Blacklist Huawei

Last week on Thursday the US put Huawei on trade blacklist. This has made it difficult for Huawei to operate with any US company, including the Google and chip makers. On Friday the Us appeared to modify the restrictions and prevent the interruption of existing network operations and equipment.

Reports by Variety.

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Google Restricts Huawei
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Effects of this Tussle spread 

There are also report that Western content was being blocked on the internet within China after Google Restricts Huawei , On Monday this week in china local time, china’s Tancent video suspended the availability of the season finale of HBO’s Game of Thrones” TV blockbuster.

Tancent Video said I a social media post that “ Dear users, we regret to inform you that the sixth episode of the eight season of the Game of Thrones” will not be available online at the intended time due to a media transfer issue. We will keep you informed of the broadcast time”.

The Variety confirmed that the chines source have that china’s streaming operations are back to normal. What’s not clear is whether the Huawei –Google and the online video incident are related in any way, though some users were noted relating the political tensions between the two super powers to be the possible cause

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