Samsung Galaxy Note 10

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  • Display 6.66 inches
  • Battery 4000mAh
  • Storage 512/256/128GB/8GB RAM
  • Camera 4 Camera
  • Processor –


Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Samsung Galaxy Note 10
Samsung Galaxy Note 10

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Rumored Featured

After the S10 series release the giant mobile phone maker has given its competitors sleepless night thinking about it MUST release “Galaxy Note 10”.  Since the launch of the note series in the year 2011, Samsung keeps upgrading the Note with cutting edge technology.

Note 10 & S10 5G similarities

The Note normally come equipped with an expansive screen an embedded smart stylus called S pen with top of the line hardware. The note series represents the Samsung’s best –of –the –best.

For that reason plenty anticipation and curiosity, could it have 5G just like the S10 5G or could it feature a rotating rear camera just like A80, or even be a foldable phone just like the Galaxy Fold.

We have sampled some intriguing, probable and most likely sure rumor about the Note 10 so far.


It rumored that Note 10 will feature a 6.6 inches with S pen and still be able to fit into your palm so nice.


As the emerging technology has made it easy for the phone maker to change location of the front camera the note 10 might not be any different in size from Note 9 , this could be possible if they deploy the same camera as that of A80. Meaning the Note will have a wider viewing screen but same physical size as Note 9.

Expected Models

There might be 2 or 4 models with this Note model. As earlier quoted by the South Korea ETNews.

Fingerprint sensor

It is also rumored that the note 10 might not have any button. Just like most recent high end phones in the market already they have no fingerprint on the surface but underneath, Most likely the note 10 will too has its own underneath.

Some sources say it employ Force Touch technology developed by NDT. In lieu of buttons the phones edge could register different degree of force depending on how hard you press down. Which could allow you to switch on/off the phone as well as adjust volume.

Its also rumored that the Note 10  S Pen could  have a camera on its own.  With the upgade the s pen could trigger the camera shutter remotely.


It could feature 4 camera just similar to those on the S10 5G at the back. Since the Note is the Samsung’s most premium line the company could be consistent to outfit it with the most tech. The much space that comes with the phone could to be ideal for the cameras.

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